Care Your Heart
Fit Your Body

Easy, Realtime, Stable, Free

The best heart rate monitor that works anytime, anywhere on your wrist, designed for Apple Watch. Measure your instant and continuous heart rate, perform effective workouts to get in shape.

  • Instant Monitor

    Put on Apple Watch and start the app, your heart rate will be instantly monitored and stored on your iPhone.

  • Wearable Device

    Optimize your Apple Watch heart rate monitor functionality. A real wearable device.

  • Tag Your Records

    Every monitor records are stored on your paired iPhone. Your can tag each records for further review.

  • Heart Rate Zone

    The App will indicate the heart rate zone based on your setup and guide your fitness.

  • Graphic Waveform

    A graphic pulse waveform can be viewed on iPhone. Support zoom in and zoom out.

  • Calorie Calculation

    Calorie will be calculated upon the record is ended.

Why Us?

  • Perfect work with Apple Watch

    As long as your Apple Watch is on, Fit Heart can be run at the backend with no interruption. No other functions will be affected.

  • Support Watch complications

    Customer your watch face, add App launch to your complications. Quick start Fit Heart.

  • Reliable and Flexible

    Reliable as much as Apple Watch. Flexible to start heart rate monitor at any time and any where.